O'Shea Springers

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Our Girls


Gem is our Southern girl imported in from Tennessee! She is AKC registered. She is Blue Roan in colouring. Gemma is super affectionate and calm and in appearance is enriched in the European style of an English Springer Spaniel. 

Make sure you have lots of time for Gem as she just loves to be loved.


This is Rayna. She is a rare blue tri roan. Her markings are gorgeous! She is from Michigan USA. She is American Kennel Club and Canadian Kennel Club registered. She is field bred. Rayna is a "love bug". She just wants to be near you whatever you are doing and will wrap her paws around you... even when you try to walk. 

Rayna has the ability to have any mixture of colouring depending on who she is paired with.


This is Nevaeh. She is a liver and white tri colour. She is the daughter of Lily. She is such a happy go luck dog. We just LOVE her markings. She is so sappy. She just wants to cuddle with anyone who is willing. 

She has tri colioured pups as well as liver roan puppies


Arya is the daughter of Nevaeh and Hunter. She is a Liver Tri Roan and has such a beautiful disposition. She has pretty features carrying shorter ears and a shorter muzzle like her mom, but with the markings of her dad. She is fun, loving and a gentle spirit, much like her Grandma, Lily. She is one of our younger females at the moment and has not had a litter yet.


Our New Girls:

Masters of converting coffee into customer satisfaction


Pippa is the daughter of Emma and Hunter. She is a Liver Roan. She has a sweet and outgoing personality but has a gentle spirit  like her Dad. She has a lot of her Dad's looks aswell. We are excited to see how she will turn out and what she will produce down the line.


Amelia is Black and White and is the daughter of Gem. She has a very independent spirit and loves to be outside running around. 


Juliette, or Jules, is our Black Tri girl. She is the daughter of Gem. She has a very sweet personality and will do anything to make you happy. She loves to be close to you wherever you go.